mahle motorsport bearings

We are the exclusive aftermarket distributor for MAHLE Motorsport bearings

Manufactured in the UK in a factory that is dedicated to producing racing parts. In fact it is the exact same factory that is producing bearings for most of the Formula 1 grid as well as all other leading race series!

Bearing Construction

Manufactured with high strength steel back with a cast bronze substrate and finished with a lead indium overlay, originally known as VP2. This unique structure gives a higher fatigue strength than other “Race” bearings along with better conformability.

Laser Marking

All MAHLE Motorsport bearings are laser marked. Traditional stamping can cause bearing distortion and prevent efficient heat transfer to the housing leading to failure.

Racing Notch

Where possible MAHLE Motorsport bearings are produced with a “racing notch”. This prevents oil film disruption and removes a potential oil leakage path therefore ensuring a long bearing life.

Further Information

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MAHLE Motorsport Bearings

DSCF9901 Racing Notch 2

Racing Notch

Unique Racing Notch design prevents oil leakage

DSCF9871 Laser Marking 2

Laser Marking

Laser marking ensures uninterrupted heat transfer

VP2 Part 1 2

Bearing Material

Unique cast material with lead indium overlay

Sabre Graphic

Sabre-Fit & Sabre-M Software

Proprietary software predicts bearing loads and oil film thickness 

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