BW Bridgeway Steel Rods and Cranks now available


MAR Motorsport appointed official BW /Bridgeway Distributor

Bridgeway or BW as they are also known are a leading producer of steel cranks & steel connecting / steel con rods. A relatively new name to this market, the chances are you have already used thir parts as they supply many famous brands globally. The undisputed market leader in Asia, don’t be put of by the made in China label – these are serious parts for serious racers. Not just a “Me Too” company BW design and manufacture their own con rods and cranks and have their own research and development facilities. In addition to con rods and cranks, BW also build engines for Asia’s drift car series, where major series have been won using BW parts and engines.

Rods are available in both I beam and H beam types, as well as Bridgeways Extreme Performance Range (EPR). With quality control to rival many well known manufacturers, parts are shot peened to relieve stress, magnafluxed to ensure no cracks before being  finished machined on Sunnen equipment. Finally parts undergo a final visual check before being  weight balanced end to end as well as total weight and packed complete with genuine ARP bolts for final shipping.

Crankshafts are machined from 4340 billet steel and come complete with a balance report. EN40B crankshafts can also be supplied to special order. With around 200 different con rods in the range and over 200 crankshaft designs including stroker types, you can guarantee that BW parts are available for your engine.

Parts are available to purchase now in our online shop, or contact us for distributor terms.–cranks–forged-rods-29-c.asp