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Forged IAPEL pistons for the legendary Ford / Cosworth YB Engine.

Manufactured exclusively for MAR Motorsport by the leading producer of forged pistons in South America. IAPEL are active in many forms of motorsport. From wins in all classes in the Turismo Carretera, to dirt bikes to factory supply to rally teams. IAPEL pistons are also used extensively in drag racing, with sub 2 litre 4 cylinder engines producing over 1,000 HP!

These parts are designed for the WRC or 136mm long rod engine configuration. Complete with valve pockets, they are also suitable for machining custom bowl designs. Unlike many forged pistons, these parts are dual coated fro friction reduction (hence their non shiny appearance). They are supplied complete with NPR Japanese steel nitrided rings, which are an upgrade from the standard MAHLE design.

Available in 91.33mm bore size, these pistons are designed for high power YB engines, with none of the weaknesses of the standard MAHLE part.

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Brand New MAR Motorsport inlet & Exhaust valves for Cosworth YB engine type

Suitable For

Sierra Cosworth
Escort Cosworth

Plus any other YB powered vehicle!

These valves have been manufactured exclusively for MAR Motorsport Ltd by an OE valve manufacturer who specialises in producing high performance valves for many vehicle manufacturers.

These parts have been made from the original drawings and not reverse engineered from sample parts like others. They are sodium filled as per the original and are also the correct grade of steel as per the original parts. In short, they are identical in every way to the original YB0600 and YB0016 valves that the engines were built with.

Please be aware that there are valves available claiming to be sodium filled and the correct material which are quite simply not.